Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why Craft With Kids

In Fun Crafts For Children, by John L. Squires, the introduction contains interesting information on crafting, hobbies and the satisfaction of creating things by hand. (Actually, there's a lot of good & interesting information on the importance of crafting with kids; so I'll likely be quoting from this book often, even if some of the projects are a bit kitschy.) Here are a few scans from that introduction section:

Also included in the introduction, this information on youth in crafting programs, which is sure to help parents, teachers and group leaders (such as those in Scouting), see the merit in merit badges and craft projects with kids.

Most children desire to participate in an arts and crafts program because they enjoy the actual making of the project. They also seek other objectives:

1. To be with others in a social situation and be accepted by them and by the leader

2. To have leadership in an activity that is socially approved and a profitable use of their time

3. To receive recognition for a project well done

4. To improve skills, coordination, and understanding

5. To have an opportunity for self-expression

6. To enjoy the feeling of satisfaction upon completion of a project

7. To be able to admire, use, or play with the finished product
Fun Crafts For Children, by John L. Squires (University of Utah), Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1964.


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