Friday, January 16, 2009

High-Five Friday: Modern Grandma Edition

High-Five Fridays are a way of highlighting links (posts, blogs/sites, people) that you liked during the week.

While I' calling y'all "grandma", I mean that in the best possible wisdom sharing of ways *wink*

1) Roxanne shares her laundry detergent recipe -- something I may just have to try because I too dislike the "smelly" detergents of today (such strong smells make me thing they want to cover-up stink, as opposed to clean & remove odors).

2) Found at Roxanne's blog, Letting it All Hang Out, by Wendy Priesnitz, on joys of using your clothesline to dry your laundry.

3) Chloe compiles her "De-Stash Challenge" posts to help de-clutter your sewing room.

4) Get kids interested in cooking with this silly science measuring cup!

5) Grandma would have used Swap Style had it been around in her day. (This is me there, but I haven't listed anything to swap yet; I'm still browsing.)


Roxanne said...

Thanks for the "High-Five" about my blog!

Yes--I LOVE the laundry detergent doing it's job and making things smell just plain clean.

Sometimes I do add an essential oil, but it's mostly to make the house smell nice while I'm doing laundry.



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