Friday, January 9, 2009

High-Five Fridays: Home Ec Edition

High-Five Fridays are a way of highlighting links (posts, blogs/sites, people) that you liked during the week.

1) Frugal Fine's how to save on household cleaning products -- really more about how to substitute with things you may already have around the house (in any case, you'll be paying for the stuff).

2) At MSNBC, From pills to pillows, when to replace your stuff -- somethings you can keep longer than stated!

3) In Of Dust Bunnies, Spiders & Natural Selection, Shawnee's funny post does also remind us that homes can be too pretty to really live in.

4) Ch-ch-chia: "Not the fluffy haired creatures from infomercials, silly," Chi Seeds are good for you!

5) At KKC I posted a free knitting pattern for 16 inch doll undies, in case you or your children are interested.


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