Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tips On Making A Small Room Grow Larger

Tips for design & decorating a small space to make more room and make it look larger -- from Modern Woman Magazine, Volume 9, Number 8, 1941.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How To Remove Stove Spots

Enamel cleaning tip from Good Ideas: An Interesting Collection Made By Eddy's "that good bread in the bright gingham wrapper."

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tips On Darning Stockings

From Modern Woman Magazine, Volume 9, Number 8, 1941, tips on repairing runs & holes on stockings. (I'm guessing they would also apply to pantyhose & other hosiery too.)

Three Vintage Cake Recipes From Kate Smith

Recipes for baking the Sweetheart Cake, the Marble Spice Picnic Cake, and the Almond Butter Christmas Cake (with the alternative option for the Almond Butter Loaf Cake) from Kate Smith's Favorite Recipes, 1939.

White Satin Blouses Yellowing?

Tips on how to washing satins & silks so that they do not yellow from Modern Woman Magazine, Volume 9, Number 8, 1941.

Friday, May 15, 2009

How To Restore Old Decorated Tinware

Advice on how to restore decorated tinware from Edith Cramer's Handbook Of Early American Decoration, copyright 1951.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Molasses Orange Cream Pie & Molasses Orange Pudding Recipes

As this vintage recipe booklet says, molasses is a great source of iron. These unusual recipes come from 101 Recipes, Grandma's Old Fashioned Molasses, 1944 American Molasses Company.

Three Free Vintage Slippers & Scuffs Crochet Patterns

When I found this copy of Star Gift Book, Book No. 31, © 1944 American Thread Company, I squealed with delight & thought of all of you. Just look at these fabulous vintage footwear you can crochet! (Or is that knit? It says "crochet hook" so I'll stick with crochet. I don't do either -- yet.)

(Sorry about the torn cover which affects the last bit of instructions... But you know how it is buying vintage; conditions are what they are.)

This Week In Vintage Roadshow Links

My first Vintage Roadshow!

Debutante Clothing shares interiors based on Cecil Beaton's 1950s fashion sketches.

Glamoursplash provides a roundup of vintage swimwear resources.

Here's Looking Like You, Kid shows us pages from a vintage lingerie catalog.

Holly Gab brings an aura of intrigue and mystery to this vintage '70s country club dress.

Kitsch-Slapped defends internet sellers and historians from an attack in Antique Week.

The Bobbypin Blog tells us how makeup effected minorities in early cinema.

The Vintage Traveler introduces her article on vintage golf clothing.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Proper Care Of Books

The Care of Books, an article from a 1930 issue of The Tatler, begins with this lament that's still applicable today: "Why is it that so few people treat books with the proper respect and care? That ubiquitous person, the average man, keeps his car in the best of shape, has his watch overhauled regularly, protects his paintings and etchings, but both mishandles and "mishouses" his fine books."

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