Thursday, November 30, 2017

Getting Crafty With Crochet Thread - Without Knowing A Single Stitch!

My grandmother likely never imagined a time when sewing and needlework in general would be out of fashion... But had she known that people would be sitting around with balls of crochet thread in attics and whatnot, she would have liked this idea for turning unused supplies into something pretty and useful: Floss Vases.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Bottoms Up Cookie Decorating

Ever wonder why those jelly glasses have embossed bottoms? It's not just so that kids are in a hurry to drink their milk so they can see the face or image on the bottom. It's so you can use them to decorate sugar cookies!

Simply grease the bottom of the glass, as you would a cookie sheet, then dip the bottom of the glass into some sugar. Then use the sugar-covered bottom of the glass to gently press rolled balls of cookie dough, not only flattening the dough for more even baking -- but leaving behind a little imprint in the cookie dough! The butter not only holds the sugar to the glass, but keeps the glass from sticking to the cookie dough.

This can be done with those retro Welch's jelly glasses, featuring cartoon character favorites, or with classic designs like these featuring horseshoes. Super cute for a cowboy party! (Yup, a pair of these vintage drinking glasses with horseshoes embossed on bottoms are for sale. Contact me at my collectibles website if interested & I will see if they are still available. I will ship in the US!)

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