Saturday, December 6, 2008

Long Red Retro Hostess Skirt To Crochet

It may be a little too late to make for this holiday season (I don't yet crochet, so I don't know), but this long hostess skirt was too cool not to show you when I found it -- and there's always Valentine's Day!

Found in my copy of the first issue of Good Housekeeping Needlecraft magazine (Fall-Winter, 1968-1969), the text (not shown in the scan) reads:

The hostess skirt of the year! An original GHN design, this long skirt is so marvelous for entertaining at home. It is quickly made in a crocheted basket stitch that falls gracefully into pleat-like folds.
Of course, you'll need to find yourself a slip for this one.


Emo Girl said...

This is a really nice skirt!

Anonymous said...

I MADE that skirt! I fell in love with it when I first saw it, and could not rest until I made it! It was intricate to figure out but beautiful when it was finished. Thanks for the memory.


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