Friday, December 12, 2008

High-Five Fridays (An Especially Crafty Collection)

High-Five Fridays are a way of highlighting links (posts, blogs/sites, people) that you liked during the week.

1) Myra is starting Free Pattern Friday again (where she gives away actual vintage paper patterns), so keep a look-out!

2) Speaking of free patterns, I've got the instructions for knitting a retro pair of Martians posted here.

3) Make beautiful ice wreaths -- really simple, really pretty.

4) If you're into larger projects, here are how-to videos for making clean burning, energy efficient, smokeless heating from wood and water. The maker claims he "heats two greenhouses, a large 3 car garage and a 3000+ sq ft home on about $11 a month and still doesn’t freeze his butt off." Wowza.

5) Grandma always taught me not to play with my food, but I guess this grandma found herself with more potatoes than toys...


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