Monday, December 29, 2008

Are Scrubs The New Apron?

I was reading Slip's post about how fashionable scrubs are now and it got me thinking... Maybe scrubs are the new aprons.

I know you vintage lovers are groaning -- but hear me out!

Scrubs do all the same things aprons do:

Being properly clad makes one feel dedicated to, prepared for, & protected from the job.

Looking & feeling nice makes any job more enjoyable too.

Not only that, being able to change out of those work clothes helps one leave the job -- even if they don't leave the work site when they are done with their shift (as if it's ever really done!)
With scrubs as low as $9.99 a piece (or even just $7.99 each when you buy 3 or more) at Scrubs and Beyond, what could be more practical and comfortable for cleaning around the house?

Don't worry about size issues either; they have tall scrubs, petite scrubs and plus size scrubs.

I'll admit, I bought a Cherokee scrub top at a thrift store for one of our furniture refinishing jobs and wished I that I had grabbed more of them because they were the perfect lightweight clothing for heavyweight work. And so easy to care for.

You vintage living folks don't need to feel like you're abandoning your pretty aprons; you can still wear an apron over your scrubs, or simply -- and literally -- save your best aprons from the heavy work and wear them only when doing light cleaning &/or entertaining.

But, if you're seeing the merit of scrubs as a very practical & comfortable way to dress while housekeeping (and isn't that the very essence of home economics?), then you might want to consider some of the more fashionable medical scrubs designs.

The cargo style Cherokee scrub pants are stylish -- and practical too with those pockets. I might have to rethink my butt in them...

But then again, in black with the FX wide placket scrub top (also in black) by Landau medical scrubs how much more chic could I look in the kitchen? Seriously.


Anonymous said...

I'll admit, scrubs are comfy, I used to work in the medical field. I think though that I would feel like a maid in a uniform in them though...I much prefer my aprons but to each their own, whatever works best!

Annie said...

i work in the kitchen all the time, but i never thought that i could wear scrubs instead of an apron. I can see how they could come in handy.

seo outsourcing said...

I used to wear scrubs at work and now I don't think I'll want to wear them at home.I'm just feed up with them!

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