Friday, February 25, 2011

It's A Gamble Being A Housewife

At Dames Of Chance, Shawnee discusses What’s A "Kitty"? Why So Many Of Them?, offering this bit of insight into the lives of wives:

As my grandma told me, years ago housewives would stash bits of cash around the house. Because often the little woman didn’t have access to the bank or was simply given a cash budget to work within, there was the usual cash kept for household expenses (typically kept in a desk drawer in the kitchen or in a coffee can in a cabinet), but housewives also kept secret stashes of other money too..
.After you read about thrift, you might want to check out the reason Shawnee started her blog.

Image via LIFE, 1942.


J said...

What a clever little idea :)


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