Monday, February 7, 2011

Iron Deficient & Dislike Spinach?

When I spotted this clipping, presumably from a vintage Brer Rabbit Molasses booklet, at Finley's Good & Bad Taste, I just has to scan this related bit from a 1940s Modern Woman magazine about the virtues of molasses.

This isn't just an old wives' tale; my doctor put me on molasses rather than giving me iron tablets when I was 1 count away from being labeled anemic. He said to make molasses tea by putting one teaspoon of molasses into ht water and drink it at least twice a day; that it would add iron without leading to the constipation that iron tablets do. He was right. And I still drink molasses tea any time I feel fatigued, just in case. Of course, whenever I sneak a cookie made with molasses, I tell myself it's for my health. *wink*


J said...

I'm pretty sure ANY kind of cookie is good for your health :) I had never heard this about molasses...good to know!


Val said...

vitamins from cookies - that's my kind of health plan!

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