Friday, February 11, 2011

Are PBS & NPR Getting Canned?!

OK, normally I completely avoid politics at this blog because I don't want to risk alienating anyone, but I think this is one issue we thrifty people can certainly agree on...

Right now the Republicans, back in charge of the House of Representatives, just released their budget proposal -- and it zeroes out funding for both NPR and PBS.

Completely cuts it out!

You know, the fat-cats can afford their cable, including pay channels; they can afford their Sirius and XM Radios -- the very things many of us have had to cut from our personal budgets during this economy. The rest of us rely on the free quality programming of PBS and NPR.

If you value free television programming, such as Sesame Street and Antiques Roadshow, if you value free radio programs, such as All Things Considered and Marketplace (which isn't just for "the Big Boys"; they focus on thrift too -- like canning food) then I urge you to contact your representatives and to sign the petition against this proposed budget cut.

Photo credit: Angela Kim.


Julie L. Thompson said...

I loved that 1920's bunny & chicks cake so much I framed it...It came from my Gram's vintage 20's fairy flour cookbook.

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