Monday, November 24, 2008

Using Your (Egg) Noggin

I don't like eggnog; never have. Hubby and the kids do though, so we always have to buy gallons of it. Every year they say to buy a lot of it because it's the only time of the year it's available -- and every year they swear they'll finish it too. But guess what's left in the back of the fridge once the novelty wears off? Yup, eggnog.

I can't -- won't -- drink it. But I hate pouring it down the drain too... What to do?

Well, thanks to Rachel at Robust Cooking I can now make cookies with it. And I love cookies. Rachel posted about Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms' recipe for Easy Egg Nog Cookies.

All you need is one cup of nog for the cookies, 3 tablespoons for the icing. (And don't forget, if your family leaves behind a lot more egg nog than that, you can make more cookies and freeze them!)


TideMama said...

only my dd augusta age 3 and i drink egg nog, so when we have leftovers i freeze it for later use in french toast . makes it creamy and good and rich- you never notice the egg noggy flavor .....

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