Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Organizing With Vintage Decorative Planters

It's really tempting when walking down the isles of Rubbermaid and other organizational bins at Target and start thinking your life would be less cluttered (and yourself more efficient) if you just bought a thousand dollars worth of plastic storage bins.

But chances are neither will happen -- and you'll have shelled out a thousand bucks too. The practical thing to do is to use what you have.

One thing a lot of vintage lovers, packrats & collectors have are an abundance of those cute little decorative pottery planters.

They may be vintage pieces too cheap to pass up at yard sales & thrift shops, or they may have been gifts given to you when you were blessed with new babies or moved to a new home; but we all have them.

Putting them to use clears up clutter times two -- they aren't a jumble of things sitting about, and they hold other clutter.

I've written a guide to how to put them to use in practical ways, including turning them into pin cushions.

They can be quite the incentive to a teen girl to keep her room more organized and they also make great gifts for housewarmings, birthdays, and holidays too.

In fact, you may find yourself running out of cute little ceramic planters. Don't worry, your local thrift store will have plenty more; and at those prices, you can snap up quite a few.


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