Sunday, November 2, 2008

Patriotic, Thrifty -- And Nifty With A Needle

In Make and Mend for Victory, published in 1942 by the Spool Cotton Company, there's a Consumer's Victory Pledge:

As a consumer, in the total defense of democracy, I will do my part to make my home, my community, my country ready, efficient, strong. I will buy carefully -- I will take good care of the things I have -- I will waste nothing --
Here are a few pages (scanned by Cemetarian) from the booklet which focus on recycling and reusing clothing.

Turn his shirts into kids clothes.

How to make a jerkin, a Jumper, a playsuit & a Bathing Suit -- each from a dress.

If you're thrifty and nifty with a needle, use these pages for inspiration and, if needed, for the vintage patterns listed.


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