Thursday, November 6, 2008

Restore Worn Clothing With Appliques

Another old tip (from Household Ideas: Prize Hints for the Homemaker in Modern Woman Magazine), is one we all know, but likely haven't used since the 70's when it was cool to cover & patch holes in your jeans.

Ever since the acid-wash-80's, when as a culture we abandoned physical labor and the look of hard work and a rugged sense of poverty was seen as anti-establishment, holes in your jeans have been cool. But if you find holes, stains and worn spots anything but cool, why not do as grandma did and save the garment from the rag-bag (and yourself from embarrassment) by sewing on an applique?

Even if you have to buy appliques, they are cheaper than replacing a dress, a pair of jeans, or even a tee-shirt.

Appliques can be found in a wide variety of style, themes and designs.

You'll be sure to find something to freshen-up your favorite frock, like a flock of felt birds or crochet flowers:

Cover stains on hubby's ties:

Cover stains on your toddler's tees with cute patches:

Repair the knees on boy's jeans with military patches:

And even please that persnickety fashionista teen of yours, like skull appliques:

A new set of appliques can take something from frumpy to fantastic. Including personalizing & updating used clothing purchased at thrift stores.

Don't worry, if you can't sew -- there are plenty of iron-on appliques too. (And anyway, isn't it time your iron was something besides a doorstop or a wedding gift gathering dust?)

Don't forget, appliques and patches can also be removed from worn & outgrown clothing -- so be sure to snip & save them before tossing the clothes into the rag-bag!


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