Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Living Green, Buying Organic

Jason Chatraw at RiverWired reviews E Magazine's Green Living, and includes this tip from the text on how to ensure you're looking at & buying organic produce:

While at the produce counter, you can tell whether a zucchini or a Hawaiian-grown papaya are genetically engineered or organic by employing this little-known strategy: Look at the code printed on the tiny sticker stuck on the produce. If the PLU code begins with the number 9, it’s organic. Conventionally grown fruits and vegetables bear a code beginning with 4. If the code begins with an 8, the produce is genetically engineered—making this the only genetic engineering label in the United States. While this numbering system is handy for ensuring that you picked up organic fruit instead of the conventional variety, it’s unlikely that you’ll pick up a piece of genetically engineered produce. Very few varieties are sold.
Ah, of such things our grandmothers could not have known.


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