Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rug Cleaning Tips

From 1003 Household Hints & Work Savers (1947), tips on cleaning rugs: never shake rugs to clean them, cleaning small rugs, and how to clean single colored rugs.


arizona carpet cleaners said...

I would never have thought of using corn meal. And did not know shaking a rug could damage it - guess I have to stop the practice!

Carpet Repair said...

This is very surprising, I always sake my rugs and washing machine it. LOL! Thanks for the tips.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the advice. Now I know I’ve been doing the wrong way of cleaning rugs.
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Oriental Rug Cleaning said...

Also when drying your rugs, rotate it frequently to equalize effects of the sun as to avoid continual direct exposure to sunlight.

Kathy said...

Really? I shake them all the time, though! Although, that happens only when I have time to spare to clean up my rugs. I also brush them hard with one of those hand-held scrubbers you find on the hardware stores.

Kathy Carbone

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