Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ironing Board - Not Ironing Bored

A vintage tip for getting the pad on your ironing board to be tight & smooth (otherwise you actually press wrinkles into the fabric!), from a 1940's issue of Modern Woman magazine:

We don't do much ironing nowadays, but I have very vivid memories of my mom ironing around dinner time...

Sometimes she ironed while dinner was in the oven; other times, after we ate dinner. I remember sitting on the floor with my sister watching local news (very vivid memories because of Albert The Alley Cat!), while my mom stood ironing and talking with us about what we were watching. I often consider ironing again just for this reason.

In our household, we not only monitor what our children watch on TV but consider television less of a "passive entertainment evil" if our family is discussing what's on. (Sometimes this is part of educating them about what they are seeing; other times it's far more conversational.) If I were ironing, I'd be less bored out of my mind watching shows I do not enjoy but the kids do.

I would not dress like this -- nor did my mom! -- but who can pass up showing off this vintage ironing photograph from Life magazine? *wink*


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