Monday, December 26, 2011

Of Wedding Invites & Guest Plights

Seems a lot of folks got engaged for the holidays! So I've been spending some time looking at affordable wedding invitations. What started as helping people has now just turned into looking about and reminiscing about weddings...

Of most interest in all this to you readers of Things Your Grandmother Knew, is this post from Jaynie with a funny story about wedding guest books. I've never heard that bit of etiquette about using the guest book as a holiday card list -- but then again, I've never heard of anyone writing or even saying what that one "lady" did either. *wink*

I may have to start looking through my old magazines and books for some vintage wedding tips, but meanwhile, if you have any tips or stories, please do share!


Michelle said...

It does seem like there are a lot of marriage proposals over the holidays. We saw four on the TV just on New Years Eve

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