Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vintage Baking Recipe For Mothers

From Happy Holiday NSP, a cook book celebrating the Northern States Power Company's Golden Anniversary (50 Years of Public Service, 1909 - 1959), this charming little "recipe" appears on the last page:

Preheat oven; check to be sure that there are no rubber balls or plastic soldiers lurking on the shelves. Remove blocks and toy autos from the table. Grease pan. Crack nuts. Measure 2 cups flour; remove Johnny's hands from the flour; wash flour off him. Re-measure flour. Crack more nuts to replace those Johnny ate.

Put four, baking powder and salt in sifter. Get dustpan and brush up pieces of bowl Johnny knocked on floor. Get another bowl. Answer doorbell.

Return to kitchen. Remove Johnny's hands from bowl. Wash Johnny. Answer phone. Return. Remove 1/4 inch salt from greased pan. Look for Johnny. Grease another pan. Answer telephone.

Return to kitchen and find Johnny. Remove his hands from bowl. Take up greased pan and remove layer of nut shells in it. Head for Johnny, who runs, knocking bowl off table. Wash kitchen floor, table, walls, dishes. Call bakery, place order. Take to aspirin. Lie down.
Few things have changed! The type of toys, maybe. And, with cell phones and cordless phones, we don't need to leave the room to answer the phone. But some things certainly do remain the same. *wink*


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