Saturday, September 24, 2011

Do You Know What Grandma Called "Organic?"

Probably not her food -- even though it was! Back in grandma's day, there was no need to label food organic or otherwise; food was just plain organic. Until DDT ect. came along, anyway. I'm not saying science and agriculture haven't produced some wonderful things -- and things we can safely eat. But now, unless you grow your own, it's actually more expensive to eat organic. A head-scratcher, right? Anywho...

Chloé Jo Davis, of the fabulous GirlieGirl Army, and her friend Alexandra Jamieson are brainy vegan Mamas with a common goal: helping the world eat cleaner! In the debut of their new monthly series, Little Sprouts/ Big City, they talk about getting deals on organic foods for your family.

Little Sprouts/ Big City: Alexandra Jamieson & Chloé Jo Davis Share Tips On Healthy Eating On The Cheap from Chloe Jo Davis on Vimeo.


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