Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meat Cookery: The Advantages Of Low Heat Cooking

The following pages are from a vintage educational booklet covering nutrition and "meat cookery," i.e. roasting, broiling and panbroiling, focused on the experiments in cooking, focused on the advantages of low heat. I'm including additional information on this old publication (below) because it seems to be rather rare and the film it supports / accompanies isn't documented well either.

A Review of the Educational Motion Picture The Way To A Man's Heart, "Fundamental information from this sound film which teaches a lesson on nutrition and emphasizes the importance of temperature control in cooking meat."
This booklet reviews briefly the factual material contained in the educational sound motion picture, The Way to a Man's Heart. It may be used to advantage to supplement the showing of the film. It is equally valuable for use independently, as it is a complete text in itself.

...This film may be secured for showing to interested groups at no cost except return postage. A 16 mm. sound projector is required. The running time is thirty minutes.
Published by National Live Stock and Meat Board, Departments of Meat Merchandising, Home Economics and Nutrition, 407 S. Dearborn Street, Chicago 5, Illinois.  No year listed, circa 1930s.


J said...

This was a very interesting read. Thanks a bunch for sharing!


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