Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Handy Gift Sewing Kits

This vintage tip was found in a 1956 issue of The Work Basket. What I like about it is that as far as gifts go, it's one thing most people could actually use -- too many folks do not even have a sewing kit. The other things I like about it is that it's neither too expensive nor too difficult to make -- yet those who receive it, those who do not have a sewing kit or know the basics of sewing, likely will have their minds blown that you made it. *wink*

PS Sorry for the long gap in posting; we moved this summer -- and along with moving into a smaller space, we had to make room for all the vintage magazines & publications (the Things Your Grandmother Knew!) and collectibles. And the kids still insisted on having their rooms filled with their own stuff; go figure!


Miss CherryBubbles said...

What a neat sewing kit - I love the old Work Basket magazines! Thanks a bunch for sharing :)

Hope the move was a good one (despite the smaller space)!

blackberry said...

Thanks for coming back!
p.s. my moving stories can top yours :)

Elvira's Roundabout said...

these vintage sewing kits is definitely a great one specially before. i'm also into needle work but kinda lazy finishing it.

goodluck on your new place!

from my blog:
A Perfect Gift Idea: Wireless Reading Device

Lidian said...

That is really cute - they had some great ideas in The Workbasket (I have some 60s Workbaskets and love them)!

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