Thursday, September 3, 2009

How To Remove Nail Polish From Fabric

Years ago, after naggin' my dad for making them late for dinner with another couple, my mom was "forced" to apply her nail polish in the car (while my dad drove); not 10 minutes after they left, they came back into the house again because mom had spilled nail polish all over her pants (grey sans-a-belt pants, as I vividly recall).

Mom was fuming, especially because dad was enjoying it all too much, making statements about just who it was that was making them late for dinner. (Bad daddy!)

My mother ended up throwing out her pants -- I bet she would have liked to have known about this tip from a 1940's Modern Woman magazine and given it a try. (Then again, those pants were probably ruined due to being associated with the row with my dad! lol) Anyway, here's a tip for you to try, should you ever end up with such a problem with nail polish on your clothing.


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