Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Proper Care Of Books

The Care of Books, an article from a 1930 issue of The Tatler, begins with this lament that's still applicable today: "Why is it that so few people treat books with the proper respect and care? That ubiquitous person, the average man, keeps his car in the best of shape, has his watch overhauled regularly, protects his paintings and etchings, but both mishandles and "mishouses" his fine books."


Roxanne said...

I really love the things you find to post. We're such a throw-away society that it's sadly a surprise to read about taking care of books as your article described.

NEVER crossed my mind.

Thanks for creating this blog!

Unknown said...

I loved your blog it's so intimate and public at the same time, it sounds cozy, specially today. I had to add it to my list of blog.


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