Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cloth Tote Bags

PETA preaches the virtues of taking your own shopping bags to the store; I concur with all of them -- except for the problem of "the clutter of saved plastic bags." We reuse our plastic bags:

* liners in small wastebaskets in the bedrooms and bath

* use for daily cleaning of the kitty's litter box

* to wrap and carry spoiled food from the fridge, taking it directly to the outside garbage can

* packing material for shipping things

* and while we've never used it, the old put your foot in a bag then slide it in a tight boot *wink*

However, cloth tote bags are much nicer for trips to the store when we walk (and we are known around our neighborhood for walking to the store!).

Using tote bags can also help with budgeting; if you only brought two tote bags with you, you're more mindful not to buy things you don't really need which won't fit in the tote bags. *wink*

The downside is you are spending money on cloth totes. But, as PETA mentions, purchasing a tote from your favorite organization helps support the cause you believe in and it literally helps you carry your message to others.

Since totes are popular, the four we have we received free from local companies; so super cheap thrift score!


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