Sunday, September 28, 2014

Healthy Links For Vintage & Thrifty Living

Good heavens, this summer has been a blur! I'm still at least a week away from getting back into regular posting here, but you'll likely enjoy some of my recent eBay guides:

Quick & Easy Halloween Party Treats -- includes nut-free options!

Decorating Your Home For Halloween With Vintage Graphics (These tips work for other holidays & parties too - just search for other vintage images!)

A Beginner's Guide To Flatware, aka silverware.

Hand Washing Dishes Is More That "Just A Tradition": info on health, the environment, thrift, etc. Especially important for the upcoming holiday seasons as it offers the best practices for taking care of your antique china, crystal, silverware, vintage glassware, and other dishes!

Find more of my eBay Guides here.


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