Monday, May 9, 2011

Save Money & Make Money With Coupons, Rebates, Etc.

In her post about vintage Las Vegas ephemera, Shawnee reminded me of something I've been intending to write about here: How to save money selling coupons, , etc. at eBay.

As I (frustratingly) confessed, I sell my unwanted gift cards at eBay; it's the fastest way to get paid and usually at top dollar. (Usually I get paid the same day I list the card and at 80% of the gift card amount, which is far better than those gift card sites -- so even if you can only sell one card at a time, it's more money in my PayPal pocket and faster too.) This is a great way to make money off your gift card reward programs.

But perhaps you didn't know you can also sell other bits of paper, plastic, and cardboard at eBay -- making green for your wallet and keeping the earth greener too by putting these things in the hands of those who will use them.

The paper, plastic and cardboard I'm talking about here are coupons, "points," and other consumer member reward program materials

Even if you participate in any coupon swaps (local, among friends, or groups on the Internet), selling your unwanted coupons etc. can bring you extra money.

(I'm now saving my-hated My Coke Punishments Rewards to sell them on eBay -- because money can be tight, but I can be bright. *wink*)

Of course, those of you into making use of coupons and rewards programs, extreme or not, can find bargains for you and your family too.

Save money with the coupons, use them for promotional proof-of-purchase offers, consumer reward programs and rebates -- or sell them for cash on eBay.

Image of a vintage pudding promotional offer via my Kitschy Kitschy Coo post.


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