Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Exfoliate With Reusable Organic Cotton Facial Products

One way to save money, go green, and still have beautiful skin is to exfoliate with reusable organic cotton face scubbies. (Skin care & cosmetic companies don't want you to know it, but washing gently with a wet washcloth works better than exfoliating products -- I know, I've worked for those companies!)

Rather than spending money on products to scrub away your dead skin cells -- and having a product container &/or packaging to sit in a landfill -- why not use this pretty handmade set?

This three-piece set is made of organic cotton and includes not only a pretty pink spiral scrubbie, but two smaller rectangular pads for removing make-up, apply toner or astringent etc. Washable & reusable, they save the environment from all those daily used cotton balls, tissue squares & swabs which, while they may be degradable, wind up petrified sitting in garbage bags in landfills.

I know what some of you are thinking... "Why not just use a washcloth then?" Well, you certainly could; but having special scrubbies that are just yours (and not used by hubby or the kids etc.) not only makes you feel special (and when they are cute, more feminine), but means you can keep track of them & their use. (Can't tell you the number of times my favorite washcloths have ended up being used as rags for household projects -- arg! -- but pretty pink pads are likely to say "Hands off, bub" even when you're not there to do so!)

If this 3-piece set is sold out -- or you just want more than one set, so that one is always soft & dry waiting for use -- check Play With Fiber's Twolia shop for more.


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